Emily J. 

I have never had regular periods. I completely lost my period when I was an athlete in college and blamed the intense over exercise and extreme under-eating habits I had formed over those few years. After college I started the Pill to regulate my periods, but did not feel like myself and had extreme mood swings when I was on it. A few years into marriage I did some research and decided to get off of the Pill. My periods stopped again. Shortly after, my gynecologist diagnosed me with PCOS and wanted me to get back on the Pill to "fix" the symptoms.

I did not know anyone personally that had this hormone imbalance, until I ran across Zane’s Instagram account @olive.and.eve. Zane’s first post told her struggle with PCOS and how she balanced her hormones and cycles naturally. I reached out immediately! I wanted to get my cycle back without the Pill. On Feb. 11, 2018 I started Zane’s Hormonal Reset Cleanse. And let me tell you – it was delicious! Zane’s recipes left me satisfied and nourished. ONE WEEK after starting the Hormonal Reset Cleanse I started my period! The plan worked, and my body felt refreshed and rejuvenated. For the next several months I had a period with no medication and continued to work with Zane.

My husband and I talked about starting a family but had been told it would be impossible to conceive without fertility medications because of my PCOS diagnosis. June 23rd, 2018 was a morning I will never forget. Over the past 5 months, I had learned to listen to my body through Zane’s program. I woke up feeling “off” and decided to take a pregnancy test just to cross that option off the list. I believed the test would read negative like all the others in the past. The test read PREGNANT! It was a miracle. I couldn’t wait to tell Zane and when I did she gave the Lord all of the credit. We are due Feb. 28th, 2019.  Almost exactly a year after I started this program. We are so thankful for this miracle! 

Zane’s meal plans and the way she coaches changed my health. Not only did it change my hormonal health, but it changed the way I view my body. Zane encouraged me with this verse early on: “If you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and do that which is right in his eyes, and give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, your healer.” Exodus 15:26

I am so thankful the Lord provided the opportunity to work with Zane. It has been such a miracle to watch him work through her during this season. If you are wanting to balance your hormones, start a family, clear your skin, or just feel amazing give this program a try! 

Thank you Zane!


Two years ago, I had a complete hysterectomy.. which I should not have had. Within 4 weeks after, I started having numbness in my hands, arms, legs, and feet. I had shoulder pain, my heart was racing, my blood pressure was extremely high, ears were ringing, and I was utterly exhausted. I went back to the doctor and they told me that I was probably overthinking everything going on and prescribed me a large dosage of Xanax.

This was the worst time of my entire life and I truly felt like I was dying. I was terrified. I had know Zane since she was a little girl and knew she was learning about hormones and holistic health so I reached out and started learning about my body and what was happening. We had a wonderful consultation and I was blow away at how God created our bodies and how mine was still alive after all I had done to it. We started by cleansing my liver and colon and letting my body reset from all the synthetic hormones, treatments, medications, unhealthy foods, etc. I started feeling better after the first week and she recommended I see a new doctor who would look to the root of my issues and would believe what I was feeling.

I was finally diagnosed with all these lovely things : Hashimotos, Celiac, and Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). I worked in tandem with my doctors and with Zane and it was the most amazing thing to see God work in so many ways. Zane taught me what God created for our bodies and what are bodies are for.

My perspective on honoring my body as His temple has completely changed, I know how to listen to my body and eat according to what God prepared for me. We really used a holistic approach. She sent recipes, tips, journal entries, and blend of essential oils specific to my needs. With all the things I have undergone in my lifetime, I know I will always be healing and preventing, but this life is so much more precious to me and I see God’s provision as I learn more through her. She is still continuing to support me on this journey and I could not do this without her. The Lord is doing His work in her and I love that I get to experience Him this way. I feel so much better now and continue to get better every day. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God is working in us all and is working to bring us all back to His ultimate truths. He is the way, the truth, the life. Zane is His willing vessel.