Refrigerator Dill Pickles

One thing you will learn about me, is my love for pickled foods. I grew up snacking on Vlasic dill pickle rounds and pickled okra - it was just a staple for me!

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So to know how I came to making these, you have to know Stacy Lyn Harris and her precious family. We have had the privilege of getting to know them since one of her sons is in Will's (my husbands) dental school class. Will used to tell me all about this kid, Forrest, in his class who knew everything there was to know about gardening, growing food, and hunting. Anytime I had a question about growing food or even just taking care of grass, Will asked Forrest. He would send pictures of their meals at home - each looking like a beautiful Thanksgiving spread.

Come to find out, his mother, Stacy, is a TV show cook and has a best selling cookbook. Not only this, but she was a lawyer turned into a mother raising 7 children, homeschooling all off them. They have a beautiful home surrounded by a HUGE garden of every vegetable and fruit you can imagine - and ones you can't imagine since they graft different trees too! They are just the sweetest family and I feel like I leave all the worries and stress of the world when we get the chance to visit. Not to mention that every time we visit, they make sure we eat like kings - with venison burgers they hunted, homemade ice cream, vegetables from the garden, you name it. I love escaping out there to just spend time with that family! 

Now that I am done gushing over the family, let's talk pickles!!! The last visit we had out there included some incredible venison burgers with homemade pickles and I just cannot express how good they were. No store bought pickle will EVER compare!

I had our families try these pickles over the 4th of July and they were just amazed at how good they were! My mom even said that they tasted just like the pickles her mom used to make! So we know these are a winner!!  

If you want the original recipe click here!!  I am usually not a fan of sweet pickles, but hers are the perfect balance of sweet and sour and it complimented the burgers so well! You have to try them!!

Knowing I would be eating these pickles quite frequently, I did cut out the sugar and added in some hormone balancing caraway seeds! of course... always thinking about those hormones.  Caraway seeds are actually so hard for me to cook with since they have a strong flavor so this was the perfect addition! It really brings out the dill and nourishes your skin and gut at the same time! 

I can't wait for you guys to try it!! 


  1. About 3 large cucumbers. Her recipe called for 1.5 pounds of pickling cucumbers - I just bought organic English!

  2. 1 large white onion - thinly sliced.

  3. 8 springs of dill - I used very large sprigs and found myself adding more and more since I love dill :)

  4. 1 tsp ground allspice

  5. 3 cups of water

  6. 1 cup of Distilled White Vinegar

  7. 4 tablespoons of salt

  8. 6 cloves of garlic - smashed

  9. 1.5 tsp dill seed

  10. 1 tbsp caraway seeds

To make : 

  1. Slice your cucumbers and onions into ¼ inch rounds. I used one large quart size jar and one small mason jar. Divide the dill and allspice into both jars.

  2. Then, combine the water, vinegar, salt, garlic, dill seed and caraway in a medium saucepan. Bring that to a boil then lower to a simmer and cook for another 5 minutes.

  3. Ladle hot liquid into jars, leaving 1-inch at the top - but also ensuring you have covered the cucumbers. Set jars aside and let cool completely.

  4. Place lids securely on jars and store in refrigerator!

*Stacy says that they should last for up to 6 weeks but I am sure ours will not make it that long!

Follow Stacy Lyn on Instagram for updates on her amazing adventures in the garden and all her amazing recipes!! You will fall in love with the whole family!