My Cocokind Skincare Review - it's good stuff.

When it comes to skincare, we all know to be wary of ingredients we are putting on our skin. I mean, everything we put on our skin goes into our bodies. So, finding a good cleanser has felt like an uphill battle for me. I used to spend forever in the store looking at ingredients that are way too small to see and then once I picked something, it just wouldn't work and it was all a waste. There were days I just wanted to crawl back to Olay.

But, that's okay because I found Cocokind and gave her stuff a try! You can order it online or get it at your local Whole Foods! 

First of all, oil based cleansing has changed my skin. I used to think I had really oily skin and would constantly be using strong cleansers and toners to "dry out" my skin but my how the tables have turned! Turns out that all that stripping was actually creating a huge imbalance of my pH levels and my skin was working overtime to compensate for how much I was drying my skin! 

By supporting my skin's natural oils and balancing it's pH levels, I have found that my skin is actually pretty normal and can get pretty dry! Whole new ball game there since putting moisture on my face seemed utterly disgusting to me just last year.

The founder of Cocokind (Priscilla) is just awesome. Not that I actually know her or have even met her but I follow her instagram (you should too) and she has just been so incredibly helpful and honest about her products and how she uses them! 

She is the one who taught me all I know about the pH levels of my skin (who knew we had that- I mean maybe you did but I sure didn't) and how to use her products. She uses them daily and the best part is that all of her products or sooo versatile! I can use the eye firming oil to remove makeup - the chlorophyll mask in small amounts on breakouts - the rosewater toner after a workout - and I don't have to use water every time! 

Screenshot 2018-06-14 11.31.42.png

So, for the best tips on how to use her products, my advice is to follow her account on Instagram! She answers a series of questions every single Friday (that's when I learn the most), she posts how-to videos on her stories, and testimonials from different people using her products! 

So for those of you wanting to give it a try, here are some of my routines :

The clear skin days :

  1. IF I wore makeup that day - I start by using the eye firming oil on my eyes to loosen and remove the makeup! No water - just a pump of the oil and it feels so good! Works like magic!

  2. Then, I rinse my face with room temp water (or no water at all) weird huh? But you can wash your face without water! Using 1-2 pumps of the Cleansing Oil, work it all over your face to cleanse it! After you start to work the cleanser in - raise the temperature of your water so the warmth will open your pores.

  3. Rinse with cool water and pat dry

  4. Spritz 4 (ish) sprays of the rosewater toner all over your face! This can turn into about 6 for me because I am OCD and every part of my face has to be sprayed evenly - but I think you only need 4.

  5. Then use your choice of moisturizer! I use the Chia Oil during the day - OR - use the Matcha moisturizer at night!

The Not so clear skin days : 

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 mentioned above

  2. Keep your face slightly wet and use the Sea Moss Exfoliator to give your skin a little glow! Priscilla can tell you more about this - but the exfoliators we are used to using are actually damaging to our skin and can cause little tears! The Sea Moss is hands down my absolute favorite exfoliant ever. I have had the same bottle for 6 months and its not even halfway used up - a little goes a very long way so it is worth every penny!

  3. Then repeat steps 3-5 mentioned above!

The days where you just want to hide :

  1. Repeat step 1

  2. Dive into the chlorophyll mask! Your trouble areas can use a little more mask and the rest doesn't need as much! So, Start with about a nickel size of the mixture and add enough water to where it will spread all over your face! Then add a little more mask to your hand and just a touch of water if needed and literally cake that stuff on your trouble areas!

  3. Wait for about 15-20 minutes. This is when I typically take a 15 minute walk in my neighborhood. We don't have streetlights and I promise its only at night when it can be the scariest if caught :) But in all seriousness, I have only been seen once by someone I knew so it was fine! I take those walks to balance my blood sugar after dinner and by the time I get back, I want a little rinse!

  4. Rinse and pat dry

  5. Repeat steps 3-5

  6. Add her Turmeric Stick to any trouble areas! I love this stuff. It is like a magic stick. I will actually slap this bad boy on throughout my day (given that I am at home) and it dries the trouble away WITHOUT stripping my skin! I used to apply a drop of tea tree essential oil to any trouble areas to only have that area dry up so much that it would peel the day after. This turmeric stick has a touch of tea tree for drying and just smells amazing, oils to keep the area moisturized, and turmeric for inflammation - which really helps with redness and size ;)

**side note for the turmeric stick - it does contain turmeric so it will stain your pillow case .... I highly recommend removing it before bed!**


  1. Rosewater Toner on a cotton pad - - swipe off that sweat + tone (balances pH)

  2. Chia Oil

Okay - so looking at how long my description is makes it all seem intense but its actually really easy! As a matter of fact, on a good day, I can have a clean face in less than a minute (52 seconds) ~ and I did time it for this purpose - you're welcome. My routines are in NO way what you have to do. Everyone does something different - this is just a guide for getting started! 

I have most of these products linked on my products page but for convenience, here you go! You do not have to purchase them all at once! Take it one product at a time and slowly incorporate them in! It can be overwhelming and pricey to just take the plunge in swapping all toxic products for clean ones - but there is no need to panic. You will not die from a few more weeks use of your Dove soap - just replace it when you are ready! 

Eye firming oil 

cleansing oil

sea moss exfoliator




Matcha moisturizer 

turmeric stick 

If you do happen to have more oily skin, I would recommend the Raspberry Vinegar Toner! This is what my sister uses and she loves it! It just depends on your skin and your needs! She offers travel sizes in the toner if you want to try both to see what is best for you!