Leaky Gut + Yeast = Trouble

Weight is often a big concern among people, not only to look and feel better, but to prevent disease and heal weight related health issues. 

For me, the more weight I put on, the worse my psoriasis is and the worse my PCOS symptoms get. This is why these symptoms were partially at bay while I cheered in college. I was able to starve them but that was not a lasting process. Obviously. 

We all get to that point where we want to lose weight and we are eating super clean and working out perfectly - but it is just not budging, right? If you're like me, you may also have other ailments on your body that you have just "gotten used to". This ranges from PMS, PCOS, any hormonal imbalance, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, infections, to mood swings, anxiety, brain fog, etc.

No matter the diagnosis, we are quick disconnect them all. We treat them one by one in all different ways with creams, steroids, antibiotics, birth control, and all the above. But we rarely look to the root of these issues to heal them all. 

Taken right after a vacation and after two months of healing leaky gut! This was the best I had felt in a while.

Taken right after a vacation and after two months of healing leaky gut! This was the best I had felt in a while.

Just to keep myself completely honest with you all, I have kind of lost track of taking care of myself in the past few months. Right before I had launched this instagram, website, etc. I was feeling great! I was at a weight that I was comfortable with, my cycle was regular and symptoms at bay! I had been healing my leaky gut for months and I was ready to share it all with you guys!

Unfortunately, so many things changed after the new year and I found myself hit with birthdays, trips, too much physical activity, and mental stress. I was training to teach a class that was not good for my body and I had launched my instagram and faced so many overwhelming ways to view health. 

I am a health coach and got overwhelmed with it all so I cannot even imagine the stress you may have in getting started. I just want to apologize for any confusion I have caused you. Please feel free to reach out if you ever have questions or need clarity on something! Instagram is wonderful to share on - but I have definitely felt the influence from different brands and influencers to do something or use something to make me healthy.

What works for me might not work for you. I am here to share my experiences and help you make decisions about your own health. With that being said, I want you start educating you all on these health topics so YOU can decide how you will heal! If you need guidance, then that is why I am here!

So, going back to how I started healing in November, we have to look at our gut health. There will be many more posts from here on our gut health and how to heal yours, but leaky gut and hormonal balance is the issue I will be focusing on for the next few months! 

Leaky Gut 101 - What it is and How it Starts

Yeast lives in our bodies. It is a type of fungus like a form of mold//mildew and grows on our skin and in our GI tract. It just does - but a yeast overgrowth is quite common - especially nowadays - and is very dangerous.

The problem is that fungus produces secondary metabolites. Yeast is in the large intestine as a single celled member. As we consume excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol and processed carbs, the yeast grows. Yeast loves and thrives VERY well on sugar. So much so that it affects our cravings - yeast craves that sugar for us. We take a bite of a cookie and are like ravenous animals for the next 5 minutes feeding on anything sweet in sight. This is NOT a lack of will power so stop placing that blame on yourself. This is a sign your gut (yeast) is craving for you. 

As the yeast grows, it becomes a long thread like mycelia in your small intestine. This is where the trouble happens. That strain of yeast can puncture your small intestinal walls. Yep. Leaky Gut. As soon as the yeast strains leak out of our gut, it wreaks havoc on our precious bodies in so many ways. 

~ inflammation, food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, rashes, psoriasis and eczema, weight gain, cravings, mood changes, depression and anxiety, the list goes on ~

So sorry for the science lesson - but I feel like the more you know, the better you are to care for yourself! Knowing how leaky gut happens and how it is caused helps me make decisions on how I will heal it. My meals and lifestyle changes will not look like yours so try to figure out what works best for you! 

The main thing to know when healing leaky gut is to remove all of the inflammatory foods and food that yeast thrives on! This means removing sugar, alcohol, dairy, and white flours. The cells in our stomachs turn over every few days so the process of killing yeast does take some time but it is a worthwhile process! 

A Few Tips for Getting Started : 

  1. Increase intake of water! Drink plenty of water but preferably not during meals. Let your stomach acid coat your food instead of the water. This will prevent your food from staying moist and creating an environment for mold (yeast grows in moist muggy conditions)

  2. Start taking a good probiotic. These are best taken at night. You always want Acidophilus and Diffidus in your beneficial bacteria strains. Also look for at least 5-10 billion by expiration date. Most probiotics claim to have 50 or 80 billion but always be sure to check that you have at least 5-10 billion at the end of the expiration date. This ensures the bacteria stays alive. This is my favorite brand! I use the women's strain since there are beneficial bacteria for your ovarian health as well!

  3. Take Digestive Enzymes. The best - cheapest - and easiest form is Apple Cider Vinegar! I like to start each morning with 1 tbsp in a large glass of water to dilute the taste! This just prepares your body for digestion and helps regulate your pH levels in your gut! I use this brand and always "with the mother".

  4. Essential Oils help! I am in the process of "killing back my yeast" right now and have a few staple oils that are helping me.

    • Grapefruit Essential Oil as an anti-fungal. This ensures that I am removing any parasites and fungus from my body or produce. You can soak your produce in water with a few drops of this oil, take a drop in your water, or take it in a capsule!

    • Oregano Oil - also as an anti-fungal. Oregano oil is a bit stronger than grapefruit so I take this in a capsule with my probiotics at night! It is packed with concentrated phenols that prevent fungal infection. It also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties - so it is a little powerhouse against yeast.

    • Peppermint Oil eases my digestion and helps with any cravings that come along - especially after about 10 days of no sugar and no fruit! I love adding it to my smoothies, in my water, in my bath, etc.

    • Lavender Oil - just helping me keep me calm and collected. This is my favorite around bedtime! It helps me relax and I like to diffuse it throughout the house when I start stressing!

    • * If you would like to order some Young Living Oils, just let me know and we can get them sent to you! They are the highest grade essential oils and are made from the "first press". These are the oils I use and trust throughout our home and in our bodies!*

  5. Nourishing with good food. There are foods we have to remove in order to heal leaky gut and kill back yeast but this does not go without saying that we have to add in valuable nutrients that our bodies can use to heal! This will look different per person!

As a last note, I do want you guys to know that I am not a fan of diet plans and strict meal plans or cleanses that restrict you from eating foods your body craves and needs. I do, however, believe that our bodies need detoxing and cleansing from time to time - especially for those who are struggling with different health issues. We need to look past treating symptoms and heal the underlying causes. God created foods that cleanse our bodies and give our bodies a fresh start. By using these foods, we can be detoxing without being super strict on ourselves. If you have no major health concerns, you can find balance in enjoying food as well as incorporating cleansing foods! If you are wanting to heal, cleansing your body and removing inflammatory foods is vital in getting started!

If you are looking for help in finding that balance or in creating a plan to heal your body, just reach out! I hope this helps you understand a little bit more about leaky gut and how it affects us!