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High School: Providence Christian School

College: Auburn University - Bachelor’s in Human Sciences

Further Studies: Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach + Certified Functional Women’s Hormone Specialist.

Hebrew Institute of Israel - Biblical Hebrew & Translation

A little more about me:

My husband and I were high school sweethearts and were married as soon as we graduated college! We have been in Birmingham, Al. since 2016 while he attends Dental School at UAB.

 After struggling for years with digestive issues, hormonal problems (PCOS), psoriasis and much much more, I decided to take matters into my own hands and heal myself as much as I could with food and holistic practices.

With all of this, I have been able to finally find what health looks like for me and will be able to help others find theirs. In the midst of trendy diets and ways of eating, I hope to provide simplicity and clarity. By focusing on what is best for you and not for everyone else, I believe you can feel good about yourself and your health!

My view of health :

I believe God created health long before it was trendy. He has given us the tools to create our own health - we just need to ask Him and look to His creation. This includes looking at several aspects that pour into your overall wellness. Good food is important but cannot outweigh an unhealthy lifestyle full of stress, inactivity, loneliness, etc. This is tailored by a concept called, bio-individuality. This means that my food may be your poison /or/ what is nourishing for me may be harmful for you! I want to help you create balance in your life through : good food, movement, spirituality, relationships, and your career/school. Finding your own health can be overwhelming and confusing with all of the diets, fads, and quick tips, (I've tried them all) and I am excited to help you find what is best for you!

God gave us one body as His holy temple and I intend to nourish it with the best things for the glorification of His kingdom. I don't have it all perfect and I am learning new things every day but I hope this helps you in finding your own health!



 To learn more about my health story, click here!


Being certified in Holistic Health has been an absolute blessing from our Abba Father. In less than one year, I was able to change careers, LOVE what I do, and allow God to use me for His will. If you have any interest or would like to learn more about the program I was certified in, click the button over here on the right!! I loved IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and would highly recommend it! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out about it!


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